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About Me - Carol Anne Brown
A heretic and an explorer. Yes. That’s me, although tattooing it on my forehead (or in a blog profile) always seemed  risky. Since my earliest days I have been an outlier.  Independence was peaceful and required me to be in charge of what went on in my head. I found this infinitely more interesting than drinking the Kool-aid.

April 2012: Just 3 Years
After the untimely loss of my nephew Devon, age 21, in mid March 2012, I found myself freshly aware of my own mortality. I frequently see advice to 'seize the day', and like most folks, I give it a thumbs up and promptly forget about it.

This time I launched a thought experiment: What if I knew that I had just three years left to live? What would I do with THIS year? How can I get started with that now? I was surprised at the answers that came to mind. They were NOT what I would have said over tea in friendly banter.

I will apply this Just 3 Years concept to a series of topically focused blogs that make up the realms of my life: Art, thoughtful pursuits, and horticulture. The frame of this project challenges me to live 'now' consciously, continually prioritizing the what and why of my daily life. The blogs become the journal, the record which keeps me accountable.

This blog, formerly known as Tall Grass, will focus on the Thoughtful Pursuits aspect. the other blogs will be linked in the sidebar.