My Background

The arc of my own story has trained me well in introspection, self-improvement, dream analysis, and personal psychology. As a child I was fascinated by mythology and by religion as a social construct. Little did I know that Joseph Campbell was compiling and digesting the scope of that subject as I grew up. I have recently added his writings to my resource list.

My influences in this arena are: A Course in Miracles, and the work of Joseph Campbell, John Bradshaw, and Neale Donald Walsh.

I was born to a family of very involved Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religion which styles itself as the owner of ‘The Truth’.  In my teens I could no longer swallow the party line and went in search of a more universal ‘Truth’ which I imagined was some small part held in common by the world’s religions. I found religions stifling and archaic, but spirituality was very attractive and, it seemed, best developed one-on-one with God. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) was the key to untangling a head full of dysfunctional thinking that had rendered me socially crippled as a young adult. It taught me how the mind works, and how to re-program it. The ACIM Workbook for Students is genius.

I am not a scientist, but I love to read about science, especially cosmology and particle physics. I sense that these studies of physical matter are essentially studying the fabric of God. I cannot accept that God and science are at odds. God IS science. There is no conflict, only misunderstanding. Our myths are not meant to be taken as literal fact. Thousands of years ago, when they were crafted, everyone understood this. Today, the religious think the ancients had a special communication with God that has been discontinued.

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